Centralise and streamline in one intuitive platform

...save time and money

From cluttered folder structure to user-friendly digital contract management


0 %

Estimated reduction in administration time spent on contract management when moving from manual processes to a contract management system

Number of
procurement contracts


Average number of contracts with obligations and deadlines for a Danish company with 50-100 employees

Reduced costs

0 %

Estimated bottom line savings when implementing a dedicated contract management system, according to NSCCM

in the COMAsystem

Centralise your company's contracts

Get an overview by centralising all agreements in one easy-to-use platform

Simplify contractual workflows

Free up valuable administration time by simplifying contract processes

Full control over your company's obligations

Effective management – no more missed deadlines

Ready, set - create!

Intuitive workflow for easy creation of new contracts

Streamline your signing process

Reduce processing time with same-day signing

Insight and transparency

Create and export customised reports and continue your analysis in Excel

in the COMAsystem


One secure place for your company's contracts - storage in Danish data centres with robust IT security, backup and GDPR compliance

ISAE-3000 Type-II

Our independent ISAE-3000 Type-II audit declaration ensures that your business-critical and sensitive personal data is handled in accordance with applicable legislation

Danish Private Cloud

Everything is stored on Danish soil. We use state-of-the-art data centres that comply with the highest security standards, providing best-in-class uptime and eliminating the risk at third-country transfers

GDPR Compliant

Our software and infrastructure are developed based on the “Privacy-by-Design” principle, which means that internal processes and platform are built with consideration for personal data as a priority

creates value
across the


At the forefront of all obligations across customers and suppliers

  • From cluttered folder structure to dedicated digital contract management
  • No more unwanted auto-renewals
  • Simplify and streamline


All HR-related documents and
information in one place

  • Create a smooth onboarding process for new employees
  • Reduce time spent on administrative work
  • Simplified process for meeting deadlines


Do away with decentralised storage and utilise built-in processes to improve compliance

  • No more searching in vain for contracts or contract-related context
  • Future-proof data storage in Denmark
  • Standardise and easily update contract terms across departments


Easily create sales contracts and quotes, send for electronic signature and monitor the process from start to finish

  • Streamline the quotation process and minimise the margin of error
  • Create streamlining between management and sales
  • Pre-notification of renegotiation and important deadlines

COMAsystem creates value across the organisation

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GDPR & contract management

We have a naturally strong focus on data protection and compliance. Even before the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Act came into force on 25 May 2018, COMAsystem was developed with “Privacy by Design” in mind. This means that data placed with us is fundamentally protected through our technological design, i.e. the technology package on which the solution is organised.

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