Full control over your company's obligations

Effective management - no more missed deadlines

Assign responsibility for contracts

With COMAsystem, responsibility is easily distributed among relevant employees, ensuring that nothing falls between two stools.

  • Allocate responsibility
  • Rights management
  • Compliance

Notifications ahead of important deadlines

COMAsystem notifies the responsible person in good time before the deadline for contract expiry, automatic renewal or renegotiation.

  • Customised alerts
  • Proactivity
  • Automatic email reminder

Complete activity log

COMAsystem automatically logs all changes and enables manual user description of events.

  • Activity log
  • GDPR documentation
  • Auditing

Automatic generation of reminders

COMAsystem sends automatic email reminders and provides an overview in the platform to ensure compliance with important deadlines.

  • Notifications
  • Email reminder
  • Dashboard overview