We have received the security clearance
ISAE-3000 DK.

This means that you also comply with the EU Personal Data Regulation when storing your contracts and documents in COMAsystem.

When you become a user of COMAsystem, you will therefore receive:

  • An ISAE3000 Statement of Assurance
  • A data processor agreement
  • A Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The data processor agreement is a legal requirement
It is a legal requirement that companies ensure that a written agreement is made, which regulates the relationship between you as data controllers and your data processors.

By using COMAsystem you ensure that we as data processors do not use your personal information for purposes other than what has been agreed upon.

As we have already been through an IT audit, we have chosen to write the data processor agreement for you – all you have to do is sign it and send it back when you become a user.

The so-called SLA (Service Level Agreement) contains information about the IT conditions that you can expect from us.

These three documents are important to save, as they must be able to be presented in the event that the Danish Data Protection Agency wants to check whether your company complies with the EU Personal Data Regulation.

Benefits of contract management

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