Advantages for the administration

Do away with decentralised storage and utilise built-in processes to improve compliance

No more searching in vain for contracts or agreement-related context

With our advanced search function, all information and documents are searched ad hoc, across employees, sales and procurement.

  • Indexing
  • OCR scanning
  • Documentation

Future-proof the storage of important information - data stays in Denmark

Avoid irresponsible handling of sensitive data with a complete historical log and automated deletion procedures.

  • ISAE 3000 type-II
  • Deletion procedures
  • No third country transfers

Easily standardise and update contract terms across departments

Full control over version management by categorising contract documents and central contract templates.

  • Merge fields
  • Contract design
  • Version management


In particular, we have added the value that contracts will not cost more than they should – plus it simplifies our processes

Mette Lykke Bak
Group Legal Counsel at SEF