COMAsystem Add-in for Word

Create, set up, generate and maintain contract templates directly in Microsoft Word

Install COMAsystem Microsoft Word Add-in

To get started with COMAsystem for Word, you need to add it via Microsoft Appsource, please note that you need to log in to your Microsoft account to complete the installation.

You must have administrator access on your computer to install our add-in, if you do not have this, please contact your IT/system administrator

How to use COMAsystem for Word

  • Open Microsoft Word and click the COMAsystem icon in the toolbar
  • Log in with your COMAsystem user name and password
  • Choose whether you want to Generate contract or Edit template
  • Generate template is used to generate a contract from a template with data from COMAsystem
  • Edit template is used to edit or create contract templates
  • After choosing whether you want to generate a contract or edit a template – you need to choose whether it’s a purchase, sales, service or employment contract
  • If you want to edit an existing contract template, click “Load latest”
  • If you have chosen to create a new contract template, you must first give it a name
  • You can then use the data fields you can insert in your contract template – simply place the cursor where you want to insert the field and click on it in the list on the right.
  • Once you have made your changes, you can choose to preview or save your changes.