Security & Backup

We take care of all your contracts in the Cloud with backup and multi-layer security

COMAsystem is built on well-known and stable technologies, ensuring that you can safely and securely place all your contracts in the Cloud in our Software as a Service solution.

All your contract data is stored securely and is encrypted on our own infrastructure in a secure Danish data center.

Strict security measures have been set up both in our software and at the location of our infrastructure, so that your data and access to it is always secured in the best possible way.

Our solution continuously backs up all your contracts, ensuring that your data is always secure.

Benefits of contract management with COMA system

  • Unlimited number of contract templates
  • Individual input fields
  • Digital signature with touch or NemID
  • Storage and backup
  • Control and alarms
  • GDPR compliant automated deletion
  • 3-party integration with API
  • Scan or email directly into the system

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