Sales Manager / Seller

Benefits of using COMAsystem

As a sales manager / seller, you need to be able to have an overview of sales and quotation activities, just as you need to have a complete overview of active contracts, including vouchers and emails.

You are also in need of a contract template that your company and all salespeople must use as the latest standard as it contains all conditions and legal details included.

The benefits for you in relation to automated contract management can be divided into the following key points:

  • Dynamic calendar of your and your colleagues’ follow-up on renewals and terminations.
  • Alarms for activities and actions.
  • Possibility to forecast revenue.
  • Easy maintenance of contracts
  • Availability regardless of physical location – contracts can always be accessed online.
  • You will experience a streamlining of your resources that also ensures timely follow-up as well as better planning.

Sharing of contract knowledge is done by a simple management of rights and You will through the system’s inbox be able to get data through scanning directly from the printer or with relevant material sent from colleagues .

Your experience of contract management from drafting a contract, digital signing, managing employee relations to termination and deletion of the employee is experienced smoothly and securely.

With Contract Management in COMAsystem you achieve

  • 100% Better overview of all your contracts
  • 90% Optimization of contract management
  • 80% High probability of cost reduction

Benefits of contract management with COMA system

  • Unlimited number of contract templates
  • Individual input fields
  • Digital signature with touch or NemID
  • Storage and backup
  • Control and alarms
  • GDPR compliant automated deletion
  • 3-party integration with API
  • Scan or email directly into the system

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