Staff module

With the staff module, you have the opportunity to collect all employment contracts and agreements.

You can add different information to the individual employment contract. E.g:

  • Master data on staff
  • Salary and bonus conditions
  • Allocated boss and department
  • Time of negotiation
  • Registration of employee development interview and a follow-up date
  • Equipment, staff benefits and training
  • Mail correspondence
  • Extract a PDF of the entire contract or agreement

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With the staff module you access the following functions.

  • Overview of all employees, as well as the opportunity to add all relevant material to individual employee contracts
  • The contract manager receives notifications via email when a contract requires action – eg renegotiation of salary or employee development interview
  • The possibility to upload several versions of the same contract and thereby secure contract history

The benefits for a company that uses our module for staff contracts are many:

  • Management gets a legal overview of all contracts via the clear dashboard
  • Staff managers save valuable resources
  • The company is ensured timely renegotiation of contract, employee development interviews, etc.
  • All information is available to those involved via a web browser
  • All contracts are in one place, regardless of the amount of contract managers
  • Total overview of the staff

Benefits of contract management with COMA system

  • Unlimited number of contract templates
  • Individual input fields
  • Digital signature with touch or NemID
  • Storage and backup
  • Control and alarms
  • GDPR compliant automated deletion
  • 3-party integration with API
  • Scan or email directly into the system

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