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Benefits of using COMAsystem

The benefits for you in relation to an automated and digitized contract management can be described in the following points:

  • Complete overview and approach to all financial and contractual obligations.
  • Easy and dynamic online approach to the company’s essential agreements.
  • Opportunity to follow the company’s operations in relation to sales, costs and employees.

Together with the management and the CEO of the company, you will have a complete overview of the company’s operations and feel assured that the company’s most important documents, agreements and contracts are getting the proper secure treatment.

We are certain that COMAsystem will give you an overview that can help keep you at the forefront of your investments as well as grant you knowledge that helps you thoroughly explain the company’s future to the investor / partner circle.

With Contract Management in COMAsystem you achieve

  • 100% Better overview of all your contracts
  • 90% Optimization of contract management
  • 80% High probability of cost reduction

Benefits of contract management with COMA system

  • Unlimited number of contract templates
  • Individual input fields
  • Digital signature with touch or NemID
  • Storage and backup
  • Control and alarms
  • GDPR compliant automated deletion
  • 3-party integration with API
  • Scan or email directly into the system

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