GDPR compliance

We comply with EU personal data regulation and secure your personal sensitive contract data.

been developed on the basis of “Privacy by Design” and “Privacy by Default” – this means that consideration for sensitive personal data is given the highest weight in software and infrastructure.

No matter what type of contract you have in our SaaS solution, we have ensured that all our customers’ data is stored securely. That is exactly why we have an external IT audit of our solution every year to ensure and document that we are GDPR compliant throughout our system and setup.

Benefits of contract management with COMA system

  • Unlimited number of contract templates
  • Individual input fields
  • Digital signature with touch or NemID
  • Storage and backup
  • Control and alarms
  • GDPR compliant automated deletion
  • 3-party integration with API
  • Scan or email directly into the system

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